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CN100/CN100b: Observational Studies
Two multicentre observational studies started in October 2005 to collect the outcome data of the acute and chronic spinal cord injuries over a period of one year or 6 months in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The study completed at the end of 2008.

Study Sites (listed in no particular order) Beijing Army General Hospital (Beijing), Beijing Xishan Hospital (Beijing), Peking University People's Hospital (Beijing), China Rehabilitation Research Center (Beijing), Second Military Medical University Changhai Hospital (Shanghai), Shanghai East Hospital (Shanghai), Fudan University Zhongshan Hospital (Shanghai), Sun Yat-sen University Second Hospital (Guangzhou), Southern Medical University Nanfang Hospital (Guangzhou), Ningbo Second Hospital (Ningbo), Fourth Military Medical University Xijing Hospital (Xi'an), Xi'an Jiaotong University Second Hospital (Xi'an), Chengdu Army Kunming General Hospital (Kunming), the University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong), the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Shantou University First Hospital (Shantou), Tianjin Medical University General Hospital (Tianjin), Fujian Medical Univeristy First Affiliated Hospital (Fuzhou), Third Military Medical University Xinqiao Hospital (Chongqing), China Medical University Hospital (Taichung), Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital (Hualien).

Principal Investigators (listed in no particular order): Tiansheng SUN, Hongyun HUANG, Baoguo JIANG, Jianjun LI, Shaocheng ZHANG, Jun TAN, Tongyi CHEN, Huiyong SHEN, Dadi JIN, Qingjiang PANG, Zhuojing LUO, Xijing HE, Hui ZHU, Yat-wah Wong, Wai-sang POON, Fengren ZHENG, Shiqing FENG, Jianhua LIN, Yue ZHOU, Shinn-zong LIN and Tzu-Yung CHEN

No. of Subjects enrolled: 162 patients with acute SCI and 337 patients with chronic SCI

Sponsorship: the University of Hong Kong Spinal Cord Injury Fund (HKUSCIFund)

These studies established a solid foundation for the ChinaSCINet to perform clinical trials to test promising SCI therapies following international standards and guidelines. The data has been used to design the trials with intervention.

For more information, please refer to the clinicaltrials.gov: NCT00517374 and NCT00592722

What should I do if I would like to participate in the trials of ChinaSCINet?
To learn as much as possible about the clinical trial and then contact the investigator directly. You may also leave your basic information and contact here (Submit a Form). The investigators may retrieve the data and contact you if they think you might be suitable candidate for the trial.

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