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CN302 Phase 2 Lithium Trial on Neuropathic Pain after spinal cord injury
Neuropathic pain is a common complication after spinal cord injury and difficult to treat. Our CN102a study suggested the lithium carbonate tablet might have pain relieve effect, this trial is to evaluate the efficacy of 6 week course of lithium in spinal cord injured patients suffered from moderate to serious neuropathic pain for more than 6 weeks. The study sites are open for subject recruitment.

Study Sites : China Rehabilitation Research Center (Beijing) and Xi'an Jiaotong University Second Hospital (Xi'an)

Principal Investigators : Jianjun LI and Xijing HE

No. of Subjects (estimated): 60

Sponsorship: Hong Kong Spinal Cord Injury Fund and local research grants

For more details, please refer to:

Clinicaltrials.gov: NCT01855594

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To learn as much as possible about the clinical trial and then contact the investigator directly. You may also leave your basic information and contact here (Submit a Form). The investigators may retrieve the data and contact you if they think you might be suitable candidate for the trial.

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